International Women's Conference

Woman, It is Time to Shine

Second International Conference of Women’s Ministry

The General Conference Family Ministry,  and the Colombian Union Family Department, understanding the sacred purpose of GOD towards women with respect to their commitment and responsibility to the family and society and being aware that the greatest part of the church members  is made up of women, it is pleased, to announce the Second International Women’s Conference to be held in Colombia, under the following guidelines:


Motto: “Woman, It is Time to Shine”

Participants: As the event is mainly aimed at the women’s ministry, male assistance will be conditioned only for those who receive an invitation to collaborate in the kitchen and other administrative aspects of the congress.

The attendance of children is totally restricted, and if due to insurmountable circumstances, a mother cannot have her children looked after by her parents or relatives for those six days, they must be registered and pay the same fee as an adult ($ 260,000). This is a regulation set by the administration of the El Redil Camp, who will be in charge of controlling the entrance to the event.

Date: June 30 to July 5, 2020.

Attendance Fee: € 95 or US$ 100 or $260,000 COP. This amount covers lodging, food, conference attendance and accident insurance (mandatory) for the days of the event.



– The special power of women

– Women’s health and performance in the evangelistic plan

– Woman, wonderful idea of God

– Communication and empathy with other cultures

– Healing wounds

– Loving yourself

– Transformed women

– Beloved and chosen to fulfill a Mission

– Woman leader according to God’s heart 

– The development of gifts

-Facing fears


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Event Details


Arrival Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm
Departure Date: Sunday, July 5, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm


Place: Camp El Redil, Kilometer 27 via the sea an hour and a half from Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Nearest Airport:
Alfonso Bonilla Aragón de Palmira International Airport (CLO)
Average temperature:
Between 20 °C – 18 °C

Camp El Redil Gallery


Pastor Adalicio Fontes, General Conference Family Department Leader, from Portugal and Dr. Alonso Vega, a General Practitioner and Naturist, from Costa Rica, will focus on women’s diseases, who will have the collaboration of professional speakers with experience for the development of the general program.


All attendees must be registered in advance. There will be limited spaces.

Registration Form

Contact Personnel

Mayra Gil

+57 301 706 8160

Martha Calderón

+57 311 297 8377

Fanny Gonzáles

+57 315 781 3119

Betulia Gallardo

+57 311 441 1944

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In ancient times the Lord worked in a wonderful way through consecrated women who united in His work with men whom He had chosen to stand as His representatives. He used women to gain great and decisive victories. More than once, in times of emergency, He brought them to the front and worked through them for the salvation of many lives. DG 45.3